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The Senior Games are coming to an end of their 25th year anniversary! We have been honored to be able to get to know all the participants who have stayed with us here at the St. George Ramada. We have been proud of all of our guests. They have all done extremely well in all their events, and we can’t wait for them to come back next year!

It is so fun to watch them participate and see what great athletes there are from all over the world. We’ve had guests from Florida, Oregon, Canada, and even Germany!

What a great event this is, and we have been privileged to be a part of it. We can’t wait to see all of these teams next year!

Hurricane Peach Days

August 30th

Peaches, Peaches, and more Peaches!

Hurricane is celebrating it’s heritage this Friday and Saturday! They will be having a rodeo, parade, PEACH COOK-OFF, food booths, and much, much more!

The best part about this event? The great food! Between the navajo tacos and peach cobbler, how can one go wrong at the Peach Days? Come celebrate Hurricane’s heritage and enjoy some DELICIOUS food while you’re at it!

When you’re in the St. George area this month, here are 8 events and activities you will want to be sure to experience: » Continue Reading

It’s time for the Washington County Fair! This year, they will be celebrating their 60th Anniversary!! To help kick it off, they will be having a Rock ‘N Roll theme. There will be Tribute Concerts┬áto Led Zeppelin and The Doors. They will have three stages of these shows. There will be camel rides, a demolition derby, family games, giveaways, a carnival, great food and great entertainment!

The events start on Wednesday, August 10th, at the Fairgrounds in Hurricane. Come join us in celebrating the 60th Washington County Fair!

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