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You love your pet. For most of us, pets are like family. No, they are family. That’s why the thought of leaving your “child” home with a stranger while you travel is unthinkable.

Like the St. George Ramada Inn, many hotels and lodging establishments are realizing that more and more people are traveling with their pets and have adopted pet-friendly policies to help make your travels with your pet more comfortable and less stressful. From budget inns and transient hotels that have standard pet-friendly rooms for no charge or a nominal fee to upscale resorts with pet suites featuring pooch cots, food and water dishes, treats and toys, the options are as diverse as the places to which you travel.

While the number of hotels that allow pets is increasing, no two establishments are the same and policies can vary greatly. There are also still many lodges that do not accept pets. If you’re planning on traveling with Fido, it’s important to know before you go.

Whether you book your stay online, make a reservation over the phone, or just stop in while rolling through town, you should always call the hotel ahead of time and find out exactly what their policies are, what (if any) pet amenities are included, and make sure they have a pet-friendly room available for your stay. Even if a hotel advertises itself as a pet-friendly property, there are almost always terms that can affect your travels, and even result in you arriving without a room for you and your pet. Some of these terms and policies are: varying pet fees and deposits, size and weight restrictions, number of animals per room, types of animals and breeds that are and aren’t accepted, and a limited number of pet-friendly rooms.

The Ramada St. George is a pet-friendly hotel, and we’re happy to have you travel with your furry family member. However, we do have certain pet policies and restrictions. For instance, we allow one pet per room (with some exceptions), under 25 pounds, for a $15/night non-refundable pet fee. For safety and sanitation reasons, pets cannot be left unattended in the room and are prohibited in certain areas of the hotel (such as the pool, breakfast and common areas). Also, for the safety and comfort of our guests, we only have a total of four specific pet-friendly rooms. Once those are occupied, we cannot accept any more pets. Properly licensed and documented service animals are of course always welcome in any of our rooms.

Traveling with a pet is stressful, for both the animal and the owner. Calling ahead and knowing specifically what your destination hotel’s policies are will help ensure you have proper, comfortable and safe accommodations for you and your pet.

P.S. Thank you Regal Bet Red (a.k.a. “Red”) for posing for this article’s picture. Red is a rescued brindle greyhound.

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