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5:30PM tonight, May 5th, marks the official start of the 2011 Ford Ironman St. George event with a Welcome Banquet followed by a 7:30PM athlete meeting at the Dixie Convention Center. Thousands have come from all over the world to compete in this grueling race that starts May 7th with a 2.4-mile swim in the Sand Hollow reservoir at 6:45AM, followed by a 112-mile bike ride, and ending with a 26.2-mile run to the finish line at St. George Town Square by midnight.

To get a sense of what these athletes fighting for victory in this amazing race have to go through, check out the Ironman St. George 2010 Highlights video below (brought to you by AtoZionTV)…

We’re proud of our employees from Ramada St. George who are volunteering their time to the community to help make Ironman events a little easier for everyone involved, as well as the hard work of those employees behind the front desk and in housekeeping who are helping to make all our guests feel comfortable during their stay with us.

We can imagine how hard it has been for the athletes and their families during their preparation and training for Ironman St. George. To help ease the stress, this Thursday through Saturday we’re offering a complimentary airport shuttle to our hotel for our Ironman guests. Just give us a call at 435-628-2828 and let us know when you’ll be ready for pick-up. We are also going to start our Deluxe Breakfast Bar at 4:00AM Saturday, May 7th, for our Ironman athletes and their families, instead of the usual 6:30AM time to ensure you fuel up before heading to Sand Hollow, and one of the longest days of your life.

For more information about Ironman events, we recommend the following:


The Ironman coordinators are still in need of volunteers for various shifts and activities for Ironman 2011. So if you’re a local, or even a spectator, with some time on your hands why not consider donating a few hours? Click here to find out where and how you can help make this the best Ironman ever.

Welcome to Ford Ironman St. George 2011! We’ll be cheering for all of you :-)

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