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When you come to stay in St George, you often quickly ask yourself, what are the best things to do in St George? In truth there is so much to do here, so many places to see, so many things to experience. And one of them is a very popular, and only getting more so sport of rock climbing. There are some great places to go rock climbing in St George, so if you’re looking for things to do in southern Utah, do some rock climbing.

In truth rock climbing can be a slightly expensive hobby and while you are taking time to save money to buy all the necessary gear and equipment, you could prepare yourself physically. This will ensure your safety as you begin to climb. It is important that you are fit enough before you embark into rock climbing. This sport shall challenges your physical capabilities and strength along with your mind and spirit so you have to make sure you are physically ready so you may fully enjoy this type of sport.

1.    Prepare your heart and your lungs

You will need to perform aerobic exercises to strengthen your heart and lungs to keep up with the demands of a continuously difficult activity. Aerobic exercises are trainings to make your heart and lungs to become more efficient. These aerobic exercises include running and swimming among many others. You will need a few months to fully prepare your body before a climb. You have to exercise at least thrice a week for about 30-60 minutes for every session. You keep a record of your heart rate before and after your exercises. When you heart rate decreases with the same amount of exercise, it would mean that your heart is getting more efficient.

2.    Strengthen your leg muscles

Running is the best way to strengthen your leg muscles. As your legs get accustomed to the exercise, intensify your exercise by running on inclined or steep surfaces to get your legs familiarized and get used to moving from place to place as rock climbing does require lots of movement at an angle that your body is not accustomed to do.

3.    Go to a climbing gym

What you can do to see if you are ready for the big climb is to actually climb. You may hit an indoor climbing gym and see how you cope up with the rigors of this training. If you see that you are ready, you may set yourself up to climb. Mountains consist of many slopes which would help condition your muscles as you move from place to place like what you do in hiking. More importantly, your muscle groups will likewise be conditioned especially which is actually helpful in lifting your body in an ascent. It would help to join a mountaineering climb group that’s doing training climbs. Not only will these trainings get your lungs more accustomed to thinner air when you are in high altitudes, it also helps condition your brain to proper coordination of your hand and leg movements as well as prepare your mental alertness. In doing training climb, you could see how ready you are physically. When you find yourself gasping after a few minutes of ascent, then you will need to exercise more. You should climb at least once a month to get you fully prepared for climbing.

4.    Don’t eat before you climb

Before the climb, you should not get used to filling up your stomach as this will not help but will just stress the gastro intestinal system and revert from your accomplishments.

5.    Increase your carbs

You may try to increase your carbohydrate intakes which would help you store glycogen in your muscles. You need to eat more of the foods containing low glycemic indices as they can help increase your short term energy storage but avoiding increasing your blood glucose level.

6.    If you have medical conditions

For those having certain medical conditions such as heart disease, asthma, hypertension and diabetes, it is essential that your doctor is aware of this and that he allows you to climb. He would most likely advise you what you should do, what medications to prepare before going for the climb. If you have problems with your muscles, bones, tendon or just recovering from a sports related injury, you should see your orthopedic surgeon for pieces of advice.

7.    Get the proper gear

As you are given time to prepare financially, you should choose the proper gear. You will need a bag specifically appropriate for rock climbing. Do not forget the shoes as this is one of the most important parts of your gear. Make sure it fits you perfectly; not too fit. If your shoes do not fit your feet really well, it could cause you to make necessary adjustments that will require more energy causing the climb to become more difficult.

Everyone could employ different strategies how you could prepare for a climb. There is actually no right or wrong for as long as you train physically to get you ready for the next climb. Aim for the top and get to enjoy the view from there. So again when looking for lodging in St George, and things to do when you come here take a look at rock climbing.



Dear Ramada St. George guests,

We won’t be offering our usual Tuacahn packages this year. However, we will still offer the same 15% discount on our rooms as part of your Tuacahn getaway. All you need to do is reserve your room ahead of time and show us your Tuacahn Broadway in the Desert tickets or confirmation when you check-in. Check out our Tuacahn Packages page for the complete details, instructions, and the discount code you’ll need.

We look forward to you staying with us again this year to see some great shows and enjoy our wide range of complimentary amenities.

Thank you,
Ramada St. George

September is a great time to visit Southern Utah! The temperatures are beginning to drop, making St. George a great place to vacation!

Twist the Night Away is back in Southern Utah! It is a production from the 50′s, based in Branson, MO. “Re-live the music of the 1950′s as we Rock Around the Clock with the Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Patsy Cline and Elvis just to name a few. This cast will take you back to the era of rich harmonies, classic love songs and unforgettable dances that will leave you wanting to Twist the Night Away!” Tickets are $17.50 at the door, but if you book through the Ramada Inn, they are only $15!!

You better saddle up, because it’s time to ride! The Lions Dixie Roundup Rodeo is being held September 13, 14 and 15. Every night at 6:00 PM, the gates will open up, where they will have entertainment until 7:30 PM. Friday night is pink night, so make sure to wear your pink. All of the proceeds go to help various breast cancer funds. On Saturday, they have the rodeo, which you don’t want to miss!

You better make room on your calendar, because these are some events you won’t want to miss! The St. George Ramada Inn would love to make your stay a relaxing one, so make sure to give us a call and leave the rest to us!


If you’re like most travelers, one thing that’s important to you is sticking to a budget while you’re away from home. As this is a Ramada St. George Thrifty Traveler feature post, I’m about to help you do just that by utilizing something you probably already use every day. It’s called social networking, and it’s easier than you think to use it to your advantage when it comes to pinching pennies. » Continue Reading

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